Cambridge is a leading provider of corporate outsourcing services including mailroom automation, automated inbound processing, messenger services and more.  We help you keep your focus where it should be: on running your core business. Developing long term relationships with key measurable deliveries is the backbone to what has keep Cambridge as being the premier corporate outsourcing provider in the New York metro area.

Corporate Outsourcing Services

mail management

Mailroom Management

Reliable and Effective Mailroom Service

Cambridge Services has over 2 decades experience in providing the hard to manage process of large scale mailroom operations. With solutions ranging from staffing, management, hardware and software. Cambridge corporate outsourcing is a premier service provided to premier fortune 500 clients located throughout the Tri-State area.



Industry Leading Software Solutions

The dedication and experience of staff is backed by technology solutions that were developed internally to suite the unique requirement of the individual client. Each location cambridge provides corporate outsourcing for is provided with technology solutions catered to their needs with business needs throughout enterprise reporting, digital scan and capture, automated sorting and tracking capabilities.

Office Staffing

 Valuable Front End Personnel

Cambridge corporate outsourcing solutions are leading in the facilities management division. Our experienced front house staff are highly trained with key service level expectations that are monitored and reported on a live basis. Outsourcing your facilities staffing services to Cambridge Corporate Services will provide you with industry leading service on a consistent and measurable level.



Records Management

Reduce Risk and Cost of Records Exposure

 Cambridge Services corporate outsourcing service of records management is a critical part of your business needs and requirements. Identifying, labeling, and storing key documents is an intricate process that has no room for error. Cambridges outsourcing solutions have the experience to develop a new records framework or work with an existing infrastructure to determine cost savings measures through process improvement, overhead reduction, and record discovery.