Cambridge understands that technology must be reliable and cost effective.  Understanding the benefits of corporate outsourcing will improve productivity and decrease costs. Managers need proper tools to run operation, clients need data to understand their business, and information must flow through corporate pipelines with minimum delay.

Blending both proprietary and best-in-breed solutions, Cambridge provides scalable tracking, reporting and automation technologies as part of our total mail solution.  Here are a few of the technology solutions provided by Cambridge:

Corporate Outsourcing Benefits


Point-to-point TrackingOur proprietary tracking application provides complete custody control of all accountable and critical documents and packages.  Web based, the application can be customized to provide employee productivity, SEC control and pouch mail modules.

Automated Sorting

Tritek Mail Sorter corporate outsourcing benefitsProvided by Tritek, all sorters are end user configurable, featuring advanced Optical Character Recognition, barcode reading and printing capabilities.  Tritek’ advanced processing software provides custom processing, key allocation data and tracking capabilities.  Scalable to fit your volume and space restrictions, automated inbound and outbound processing saves time, labor, provides critical volume data and significant postage savings.

Scan and Capture

Scan and Capture WorkflowSimplifying the complex process of scan, capture, workflow solutions that integrate with distributed systems and varying repositories; Cambridge can provide a “1sttouch”  digital mail solution that upstreams critical data capture.   Cambridge developed and delivered the first true digital mailroom solution at a major financial institution and can provide customized workflows that work with existing infrastructure.  We have provided solutions for:

  • Accounts Payable

  • SEC regulated mail

  • Legal mail

  • Return mail

  • Scan and email

Enterprise Reporting

Web-Based Reporting SystemManaging your business requires critical, timely data. Cambridge’s SQL based on-line reporting system provides live information on delivery performance, volumes and spend. Cloud based, the reporting application is tailored to your requirements.