Tritek Ultra Mail Sorter

  • Hardware Modular designpostal approved stamp
  • Configurable Software Guidance Systems
  • Advanced Ocular Recognition Capabilities & special applications


automated mail and package sorting solutions

Automated Mail and Package Sorting Benefits


Applications: Flexible platform can be used standalone or networked with a manual mail station to automate postal authority domestic mail production and revenue protection, international cross border mailings, private delivery with piece id tracking, USPS presort automation and corporate incoming and other special processing needs. Additional Applications are:

  • Vote by Mail– Use Tritek technology to make processing of mail-in votes more manageable.
  • Medical Document Scanning – Now is the time for healthcare organizations to digitize patient records.
  • Inbound Mail Processing – Tritek field-proven technology processes all types of inbound mail – letters, flats, newspapers and magazines.
  • Outbound Mail Processing – Tritek outbound mail processing equipment is designed to sort all types of outbound mail and processes letters and flats

Flexible Material Feeding: The Tritek Ultrasorter Series provides a host of new features, including the ability to process bulky items.

Reading Flexibility: the unique 2-sided duplex scanner reads all printed or handwritten mail in any orientation – regardless of how the mail is faced.

Expanded Printing Capability: These machines are USPS MASS-certified and provide all the required reports for USPS presort discounts. The equipment operates on user- friendly Microsoft Windows software.

Output: You have the ability to choose which software programs are used to sort upon by, barcode or ocular rules, how the programs are used to select destination bins (including database lookups) as well as specifying into which bins exception mail is placed.