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Why You Should Automate Your Mailroom

Operating a business is exciting, but it isn’t all fun and adventure. You and your staff members must deal with everyday tasks that are tiresome and time-consuming, such as sorting mail. Even if a large part of your company’s communications go through email, you probably still have to deal with a lot of incoming paperwork. Time and money saved are a couple of the big reasons why you should automate your mailroom. How does mailroom automation help you? Better Customer Service One study found that 71 percent of consumers said valuing their time was the most important way a company […]

Mailroom Automation Technology

Cambridge Corporate Services Mailroom Automation Mailrooms can often times be seen as an antiquated area that only time up time and money. The business practices that were standard for so many decades needed to be re-hauled. So Cambridge Corporate Services aimed to streamline and simplify the process. Problem areas were identified such as, imaging, extracting and sorting. From there industry leading solutions were developed to reinvent the mailroom processes. But the processes were not only internal. Building to building system, web based reporting and international integration were also larger processes. With strict legal standards the loss of a single document […]

Cambridge Overcomes Errors In Incoming Mail Distribution

Interview with leading mail screening and processing company Cambridge Corporate Services Successful operation of a large corporate mail center requires a variety of management skills, mostly to do with staffing, proficiency and procedures. The central challenge for large mail centers is to recruit, hire, and train the best team possible capable of dealing with fast-moving mountains of mail while avoiding the inevitable hazards associated with misdirected mailpieces. Working fast is not good enough. Working smart is tougher than it looks due to the presence of so many opportunities for error lurking along the path to completion. As most successful service […]