Corporate Mailroom Management


For the past 20 years, Cambridge Corporate Services has made loyal customers out of some of the New York area’s most important businesses, including numerous Fortune 100 companies. We understand that high-quality corporate mailroom management logistics are critical to the success of any business. As mail servicers, our business is to process your most important and secure documents every day. Our commitment is to provide exemplary and efficient mail management for every unique situation. Learn why mail screening is so important and essential to your business. 

Excellence in staffing and management

The key to a successful mail system begins with people. From the consultation process to end-user satisfaction, our experienced managers and staff will tailor Cambridge’s proven success in corporate mailroom management to the needs of your business. Our staff blends with your corporate culture to provide a consistently high level of service. Whatever the size of your mail operation, Cambridge will staff and manage it with dependable and responsive professionals who put the needs of your business first.

Corporate Mailroom Technology solutions

Cambridge integrates each of our mail systems with state-of-the-art technology to achieve maximum synergy and cost effectiveness. We create an accountable, dependable line of mail flow by capturing data along every step of the process using a proprietary tracking application — the first true digital solution in use at a major financial institution — which we adapt specifically to each client. More data provides the information necessary to make informed evaluations of our mail systems, so that Cambridge can work with you to improve our efficiency without sacrificing quality.

We make it a priority to process our clients’ mail with the most technologically superior hardware available. Automated mail sorting is performed by Tritek© machines, which offer cutting edge optics, printing, configurability, and data capture at any volume. Our sites utilize a wide range of digital mail solutions, from software engineered for site-specific logistics by our in-house developers to metered mail machines and parcel carrier systems. Better technology achieves the best service — another way in which working with Cambridge is an investment in your company.

Messenger Service

Cambridge is also an industry leader in inter-office courier services. Our managers have established relationships with third-party messenger services that offer a cost-effective solution for clients in need of local-mail logistics.

Unparalleled security

Processing the mail of some of the nation’s largest businesses means a commitment to mail security: handling sensitive documents, ensuring regulatory compliance, and screening for hazardous material. Our wide array of security services — including X-ray screening and HAZMAT certification — assure peace of mind every step of the way.


corporate mailroom management tritek sorter

Tritek 91-5 Automated Mail Sorter