World events and recent building evacuations have made an air-gap between incoming materials and core business operations critical to guarding against costly business disruptions. A secure mail screening process is necessary to ensure the flow of your business if not interrupted.

off site secure mail screening



Over 180 Million Dollars Annually is lost due to suspicious and tampered mail packages being handled on site.









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Cambridge provides scalable on and offsite secure mail screening solutions from simple X-Raying to advanced detection and content extraction. Conveniently located on the West Side of Manhattan, the Cambridge offsite center offers complete screening and sorting services just minutes from midtown, eliminating the risk of exposure to your firm while minimizing processing delays. Utilizing automated sorting systems and the Cambridge tracking application, mail and accountable items are processed and tracked from the moment of pick up through to delivery – seamlessly and efficiently.

The Cambridge Services Secure Mail Screening is already being done for many financial, law, fashion, and global organisations who need secure, confidential off-site mail screening facilities.

Call Cambridge today to learn how we can help your firm safely and economically screen incoming items. Click here to view a sample secure mail screening process map.