Custom Built Reporting Tool

Web-Based Reporting SystemAn Enterprise Reporting System provides business intelligence to the masses by delivering the detailed information that impacts decision-makers throughout the enterprise. Individuals at all organizational levels and job functions, as well as supply chain partners and customers, rely on powerful, flexible enterprise reporting systems that present targeted data in the most consumable format for day to day operations.

Through Cambridge Enterprise Reporting System, users can analyze data over an SQL on line reporter, with features such as page-by, pivot, sort, filter and drill up/down to flip through a series of report views. The cloud based system provides key performance, volume and spend metrics.



Enterprise Reporting System

Manage Production and Operation Reports

  • Organize massive amounts of operational data into hierarchical categories that are fundamental to production operations. Build the guidelines to frame the key data points that are most critical to your operation. With the ability to instantly drill down into process failures or lost performance measures production and operation cost can by maintained with immediate action.

Easy Integration and Reporting

  • Bypass high installation or internal development costs with enterprise reporting software that integrates into your existing environment quickly and easily. All levels of your staff can provide professional reports that communicate information vital to running and growing a business. No longer is a reliance and software specialists needed to gather and report up to the second data that influences your core business needs.

Performance Alerts

  • Whether being gathered in a centralized location or directed to a specific destination the immediate alert of a performance measure allows for a real time decision to be made to ensure productivity levels are being met. Key performance indicators are built into the custom dashboard you design and allow for the tracking of any key metric and alerts to be provided when that performance is not met.