Cambridge is committed to conducting its business operations and activities in an environmentally responsible manner, and in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees, customers, visitors and contractors. In this regard, our company is committed to compliance with applicable environmental and health and safety laws and regulations.


Key Principles

As part of our commitment, Cambridge key principles are to: develop and administer policies, procedures, guidelines and management systems within our operations, including on a country, region, location or business unit level as needed; Communicate relevant standards to our employees, including through training and awareness-raising initiatives; minimize any adverse impact that our operations have on the environment, including, where possible, recycling reusable materials, investing in communication technologies which substantially reduce the need for travel, while promoting a healthy work/life balance for employees and continuously reviewing our sourcing of sustainable materials where appropriate; provide a work environment that is healthy and safe; collect and analyze data about our environmental impact and health and safety conditions at our locations, and use the data to measure and have a goal of continuously improving our performance; encourage our service providers and suppliers to have their own environmental, health and safety commitments; and communicate our policies and performance with stakeholders and the business community.


Implementation – December 2013


Review and Updating

This policy will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis by an executive of Cambridge. The Cambridge Executive Committee will receive an annual report on this policy and the company’s performance.


Procedures Documents

Environmental responsibility is deeply embedded in Cambridge business policies and operations. We strive to maintain the highest standards in every aspect of our business.

We look for environmental risks using a variety of methods to measure compliance.


  • Confirm that all sites are utilizing recycling of materials (98%)
  • Conduct annual reviews of vehicle inspection reports to ensure compliance with emission standards (100%)
  • X-Ray machines are checked for radiology levels on a regular basis (100%)
  • Train all staff on Safe Work Methods and Safe Operating Procedures for all systems (100%)
  • Confirm protective devices are worn where any machine operates at 85 DBA or greater (100%)
  • The use of Lifting Belt and Safety Glasses where needed (100%)

These risks are measured and reviewed on an annual basis by the Cambridge Management team and reported to our Executive Committee.