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Document Conversion Case Study

Case Study – Keeping Vita Coco focused on business, not the paperwork From its beginnings in 2003, with a plan to bring coconut water to the United States from Brazil, Vita Coco has become an international sensation. Yet another kind of storm was threatening this fast-growing business:  a rising tide of receipts to track. Vita Coco was growing at an exponential rate, and its paper receipts were taking up more and more space, and becoming difficult to store, organize and track.  All that paper was threatening to leave a bad aftertaste in the business. To solve the problem, Vita Coco […]

Why You Should Automate Your Mailroom

Operating a business is exciting, but it isn’t all fun and adventure. You and your staff members must deal with everyday tasks that are tiresome and time-consuming, such as sorting mail. Even if a large part of your company’s communications go through email, you probably still have to deal with a lot of incoming paperwork. Time and money saved are a couple of the big reasons why you should automate your mailroom. How does mailroom automation help you? Better Customer Service One study found that 71 percent of consumers said valuing their time was the most important way a company […]

Mailroom Automation Technology

Cambridge Corporate Services Mailroom Automation Mailrooms can often times be seen as an antiquated area that only time up time and money. The business practices that were standard for so many decades needed to be re-hauled. So Cambridge Corporate Services aimed to streamline and simplify the process. Problem areas were identified such as, imaging, extracting and sorting. From there industry leading solutions were developed to reinvent the mailroom processes. But the processes were not only internal. Building to building system, web based reporting and international integration were also larger processes. With strict legal standards the loss of a single document […]

Cross Country Secure Data Transport

West Coast, Cambridge completes two more Secure Data Moves Putting two more successful moves under our belt, in October the Cambridge Logistics team completed two high profile Secure Data moves; shipping from our clients IT bunker location in Pennsylvania, the task was to move several servers that contained confidential corporate and client data to the West Coast. From initial request to confirmed delivery our secure data transport specialist ensured the move was efficient and timely. All aspects of the secure data transport are provided and managed by our team of specialist. From security, package tracking solutions and insurance our experienced […]

Cambridge CEO John Dockery Given Mailcom Ben Franklin Award

New York based outsourcing service provider, back office support operator and mail distribution specialist Cambridge Corporate Services announces that John Dockery, CEO, was presented with the prestigious Ben Franklin Award at the recently concluded MAILCOM 2014 Annual Global Convention. The Franklin Award honors leaders whose contributions maintain the value of mail and logistics communications. Benjamin Franklin was the first United States Postmaster General and is credited with planning and implementing the original U.S. Post Office Department – predecessor of what is now the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). “We at MAILCOM are proud to honor John Dockery with a Ben Franklin Award for all he has […]

Records Management Services and Consulting

Why Records Management Services Matters for Your Business An effective records management program is vital for most businesses to grow, regardless of their niche. A poor records management process makes it impossible to conduct business, since a lack of easily accessible records makes it difficult to account for the past and make future decisions. Records management is an integral element in decision-making and strategic planning, so long as the records are present and can be accessed, interpreted, trusted and maintained over time. Most businesses have a daunting number of records, so this can be difficult to accomplish alone. Fortunately, a […]

Why Mail Screening Is So Important

There are several things in life beyond your business’ control. Natural disasters, criminal behavior, and terrorism are some examples. However, by implementing secure mail screening you can significantly reduce the risk that your business’ mailroom operations are impacted by any of these oft-uncontrollable plights. Business Disruptions Are Rampant Any corporate mailroom can be negatively impacted by disruptions if proper mail screening and security are not in place. One of the most common such disruptions is suspicious packages. In many cases, the mere investigation of a suspicious package can sacrifice hours of valuable company time. Entire buildings are evacuated daily due […]

Mailroom Management Strategies and Tips

A well-managed mailroom is a crucial element of any successful business. For over two decades, Cambridge Corporate Services has improved the mailroom management logistics of numerous Fortune 100 companies and some of New York’s most reputable businesses. We grasp the various aspects of what makes a mailroom consistently reliable and secure, all while seamlessly integrating these practices within your company’s unique corporate culture. Best Mailroom Practices Involve People, First and Foremost The logistics of mailroom management matter for any business that values timely communication and security. Some aspects of quality mailroom management – like easily recognizable sorting, organized sort modules, […]

Cambridge Corporate Services Open Dedicated Off-Site Mail Screening and Sortation Center

New York City’s First Dedicated Mail Screening Facility Cambridge Corporate Services, New York’s leading facilities provider, has opened a dedicated facility in the heart of Manhattan. The location provides safe and efficient off-site mail interception with advanced screening and sortation equipment. NEW YORK (I-Newswire) April 23, 2014 – The assurance for business continuity has never been greater than today. With information and data being constantly monitored, even the most minute break in your businesses core functions can evolve into a costly mistake. This is a key motivational factor that led the mail service provider, Cambridge Corporate Services, to open a […]

Cambridge Overcomes Errors In Incoming Mail Distribution

Interview with leading mail screening and processing company Cambridge Corporate Services Successful operation of a large corporate mail center requires a variety of management skills, mostly to do with staffing, proficiency and procedures. The central challenge for large mail centers is to recruit, hire, and train the best team possible capable of dealing with fast-moving mountains of mail while avoiding the inevitable hazards associated with misdirected mailpieces. Working fast is not good enough. Working smart is tougher than it looks due to the presence of so many opportunities for error lurking along the path to completion. As most successful service […]