There are several things in life beyond your business’ control. Natural disasters, criminal behavior, and terrorism are some examples. However, by implementing secure mail screening you can significantly reduce the risk that your business’ mailroom operations are impacted by any of these oft-uncontrollable plights.

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Business Disruptions Are Rampant

Any corporate mailroom can be negatively impacted by disruptions if proper mail screening and security are not in place. One of the most common such disruptions is suspicious packages. In many cases, the mere investigation of a suspicious package can sacrifice hours of valuable company time. Entire buildings are evacuated daily due to suspicious packages. With Cambridge Corporate Services’ secure mail screening, the chances of something like this happening are significantly reduced.

Over 180 million dollars are lost annually due to on-site suspicious and tampered mail packages. In addition to providing state-of-the-art technology that aids in tracking mail items, Cambridge provides X-ray screening and HAZMAT certification. This can be accomplished at Cambridge’s off-site screening facility, located on the West Side of Manhattan. Taking advantage of this resource will ease the stress of mail screening at your own business’ facility, taking the stress away of a potential evacuation.

Safe Handling Practices Ensure a Peace-of-Mind

Cambridge’s remote screening facility allows companies to stop worrying about how their mail is handled. We provide outsourcing of messenger and trucking services to meet the expectations of time-sensitive documents and significant shipments, in addition to a highly trained team of mail handlers if you choose to use our off-site screening facility. If deciding to remain in-house with your screening, our experienced team works with yours to ensure safe handling and hole-proof security nonetheless.

Basic Steps Are Often Overlooked

The mail handlers at Cambridge have second-to-none expertise in the risk assessment and processing operations of mail screening. They realize the many steps that need to be employed to combat fraudulent or dangerous mail parcels. Whereas many others will overlook the basic steps for prevention, they won’t.

There are many precautions a secure mailroom takes. These include employing professional security personnel, implementing CCTV, having lock-and-key accountability, installing adequate lighting, and setting uniform procedures for dealing with potentially hazardous mail. This can be very time-consuming for many businesses to deal with in-house. Cambridge’s two decades worth of experience makes all of this and more much easier. By working personally with your business’ team, we can decide how to best implement the various steps to effective mail screening without interfering with your company’s culture or day-to-day operations.