New York City’s First Dedicated Mail Screening Facility

Cambridge Corporate Services, New York’s leading facilities provider, has opened a dedicated facility in the heart of Manhattan. The location provides safe and efficient off-site mail interception with advanced screening and sortation equipment.

NEW YORK (I-Newswire) April 23, 2014 – The assurance for business continuity has never been greater than today. With information and data being constantly monitored, even the most minute break in your businesses core functions can evolve into a costly mistake. This is a key motivational factor that led the mail service provider, Cambridge Corporate Services, to open a dedicated facility on the west side of Manhattan.

“Ensuring that daily business operations are never interrupted is a core function in the long running success of our company”, says Cambridge CEO John Dockery. Mr. Dockery recalls starting the company almost 30 years ago as a small mailroom operation. Business requirements and world culture has shifted greatly, especially in New York City after September 11th and the Anthrax scares.

Safety of your employees and business operations is not a matter to be handled on site. Mr. Dockery has no shortage of constant news stories about companies required to evacuate or completely shutdown operations because of a suspicious package or mishandling of mail.

The warehouse in the chelsea part of Manhattan has 5000 square foot units that can handle large scale mail operations with several hundreds of thousands of pieces. The units are equipped with the leading technology in mail screening and sortation. Upon entry all mail pieces and packages are ran through x-ray screening and bomb detection procedures with dedicated security personnel. The large scale operations are then handled by state-of-the-art sortation machines that utilize OCR technology to automatically sort the pieces based upon pre-determined rule sets.

Mr. Dockery has not limited the location to large operations either. He educates all those that request walkthroughs that each space is fully customizable to meet the scale of any operation. Direct to elevator loading docks allow for simple and easy package interception. Atop all the value added to off-site mail screening and sortation, Mr. Dockery states, their extensive experience in mail operation efficiencies will allow for the timely delivery of all mail pieces, if not improving in delivery time.

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