Cambridge Corporate Services Mailroom Automation

tritek mailroom automationMailrooms can often times be seen as an antiquated area that only time up time and money. The business practices that were standard for so many decades needed to be re-hauled. So Cambridge Corporate Services aimed to streamline and simplify the process. Problem areas were identified such as, imaging, extracting and sorting. From there industry leading solutions were developed to reinvent the mailroom processes.

But the processes were not only internal. Building to building system, web based reporting and international integration were also larger processes. With strict legal standards the loss of a single document or notice can bring unwarranted exposure to your business. Our mailroom capture solutions with Tritek technology immediately identified and capture content. The advanced imaging technology identifies between mail types, recipients and locations to automatically sort mail based on any number of pre-set rules. The one tedious, slow and unreliable manual mail process has now be redesigned into an efficient mailroom automation process. Cambridge’s technology deliveries complete transparency and tracking throughout the mail handling life cycle. We focus on the seamless integration into your business process and are constantly working towards reduce cost and driving efficiency.

Mailroom Automation Solutions


Leverage our experience in the regulated fields of finance and law we have developed document scanning technology with a flawless processing application. Our machinery is completely custom built to suit your business needs whether it is several hundred pieces daily to tens of thousands. Through the use of proprietary optical character recognition software our software has the capabilities to scan the most difficult imaging identifiers as well as a wide variety of document and mail sizes. Because of the softwares ability to read text and barcodes our solutions are completely customizable to all industries through the development of any required sorting rules.


Our decades of experience in mailroom processes has allowed the evolution of openers and extractors throughout our history. Since the 1980’s Cambridge has been extremely successful, starting out with a small 6 person team in the financial industry we have built into several hundred employees across dozens of industries. From a small manned machine to large scale automated workstations we have developed and implemented solutions for all levels of need. Increasing productivity has always been the bottom lines throughout the years. Our dedicated workstations can cut and open mail to have content readily available extract. Additionally we can integrate into high speed scan and capture systems to create digital databases on all your documentation removing the need for expensive physical storage solutions. This combined approached of extracting and scanner is a forefront solution in the industry trusted by Fortune 500 companies for decades.


mailroom automation technologyEfficiency and speedy are the core focus behind the implementation of Tritek mail sorters. A single man machine can handled 100’s of thousands of pieces of mail a day. The flexible loading system can automatically adapt to a wide ranges of letters and mail with varying thickness. Designated bins can be built into the system to sort the pieces on any number of preset rules. The machines has been accepted and approved for use with the US Government and United States Post Office, along with with large scale adoption internationally. The use of mass certified mailing provides large presort discounts.

Mailroom Automation Benefits

Lowest Operating Costs

Organization with multiple locations locally, nationally or internationally with have a simple solution to the handling of incoming mail. Cambridge Corporate Services mailroom automation technology is customizable to suit your businesses needs. The hardware, software and installation are extremely flexible. Alleviating any issues with mail handling and security with allow for core business functions to be focused on.

Reduction of Mailroom Costs

The immediate and most viable benefit is the cost reduction that is associated with setting up an automated digital mailroom. Off-site mailroom solutions can also be implemented which can greatly reduce cost even more. The cost associated to manual processing, lost documentation, long delays in delivery and retrieval are virtually eliminated. The exposure that human handling brings to the mail operations is reduced the lowest possibly level.

Improved Productivity in Less Time

compact tritek mailroom automation

The optical scanning of mail routes items on any number of rules that required. These rules can be adjusted throughout the year to meet to standards and request as well. Standard mailroom processes normally take several days or weeks to process large incoming mail volumes. Now your incoming mail is not only handled in minutes but also has removed manual handling and exchange that often leads to chain of custody errors. With Cambridge Corporate Services your pivotal documents are processed in a quick and efficient manner. Your staff and can be reassigned and shifted to focus on higher priority efforts.

Centralized Documents

Our mailroom solutions handle the entire life cycle of your documents which allows for the identification, labeling, sorting and placement of all pieces. The software can be tailored to fit any organizational need. Security system can be enforced allowing only an approved list to view certain documents. Lost and inefficient mailroom operations no longer exists. Powerful and state of the art extraction, sorting, and capturing technology allow Cambridge to provided the leading mailroom automation technology to your business.