A well-managed mailroom is a crucial element of any successful business. For over two decades, Cambridge Corporate Services has improved the mailroom management logistics of numerous Fortune 100 companies and some of New York’s most reputable businesses. We grasp the various aspects of what makes a mailroom consistently reliable and secure, all while seamlessly integrating these practices within your company’s unique corporate culture.mailroom management

Best Mailroom Practices Involve People, First and Foremost

The logistics of mailroom management matter for any business that values timely communication and security. Some aspects of quality mailroom management – like easily recognizable sorting, organized sort modules, and implementing bulk sort units – should be integrated into most corporate mailrooms. But truly great practices for corporate mailrooms start with an element that varies from company to company: the people. Our experienced managers and staff work closely with your business’ team to identity where great practices fit best within your own corporate culture and day-to-day operations.

Technology Is Emerging in the Mailroom

We recognize that emerging technology should be embraced when improving the efficiency and security of mailroom management.That’s why we provide internally developed technology solutions tailored uniquely to each company we provide outsourcing for. This technology aids the logistical process via tracking capabilities, automated sorting, enterprise reporting, and digital scan and capture. Never has mailroom technology been so exciting and accessible.

Ample Vendor Solutions

By partnering with Cambridge, a business is investing in their future by ensuring the constant reliability of their mailroom. Our mailroom management services provide unmatched security for handling sensitive documents, screening for hazardous materials, and confirming regulatory compliance. A versatile range of security services ensures that you can focus on your business instead of potential dangers in the mailroom. It’s one of many solutions for vendors beyond typical mailroom management upgrades.

Stress-Free On-Site/Off-Site Solutions

Cambridge provides a dependable mail flow that business can monitor both on-site and off-site with a proprietary web-based tracking application, whose software is unique to each company and their needs. Additionally, Cambridge’s SQL-based reporting system provides live information on your mailroom, like delivery performance, that can be accessed via the cloud. For added security, Cambridge’s off-site secure mail screening, which is located on the West Side of Manhattan, has processed millions of items without any loss or business disruption.

Effective mailroom management has the potential to improve performance company-wide. There are many services that offer to improve mailroom operations, but only Cambridge has the experience combining cost-effective yet groundbreaking technology with personalized team interaction to ensure that improved mailroom management is implemented effectively and cohesively within your own business’ goals and company culture.