mail and package software tracking solutionsShipment-to-Delivery Data Tracking

Track and manage your mail and package deliveries throughout the entire process. Key conversion points throughout the proces will be captured to allow in depth analysis of productivity and cost.

Cambridge Corporate Services is an established mail solutions provider with a focused goal: create the most efficient and cost effective mail operations available. Our unique solution, featuring proof of delivery, package logging and email package notification. What distinguishes us from other mail solutions providers:

  • Highly Scalable & Configurable Mail Solutions
  • Immediate and Simple Integration
  • Flexibility in Implementing Location


Enterprise Mail and Package Software Tracking Solutions

What are the Key Benefits of a Package Tracking System?

A well implemented package tracking system provides the benefits of:

• Speed – Deliver packages faster from the mailroom to where they are needed.

• Accuracy – Reduce errors and miss-placed deliveries.

• Efficiency – Save time spent looking for packages.

• Accountability – Know when packages arrive, where they were sent and who signed for them.

Additional Benefits

  • Barcode Readers – identify and record the name of the carrier that delivered each item
  • Electronically capture and store signatures of anyone who accepts delivery of a parcel or letter
  • Track and report the receipt of damaged items
  • Detect when expected mail does not arrive and automatically alert recipients
  • Internal tracking and accountability for PO, RMA and COD deliveries
  • Custom delivery-manifests – Build lists that prioritize deliveries by department, delivery routes or mail stops
  • Request email notification when parcels reach the mail center
  • Send electronic instructions to the mail center when deliveries require special handling
  • Track progress from receipt to delivery