An effective records management program is critical to the success of your business. The ability to properly store and retrieve documents has become increasingly complex in this ever-changing regulatory environment. Storage migration, search capabilities and destruction cycles require both physical records and data management expertise. Cambridge provides seamless lifecycle management expertise to many of our clients, from simple retrieve and classify operations to creating complex reconciliation data tools.

From file to carton, Cambridge Records Information Management will manage the storage life cycle of your critical documents. Corporate Records Information Management staff can be located right on your site to manage your Records Management department. Our team works with the leaders in archive and records storage from Iron Mountain to Cornerstone.


Records Management

Cambridge can provide your records team with the following services:


From the continued growth and evolution of local, state, federal and industry regulations to the increasing risks and penalties for non-compliance, including fines, customer and shareholder lawsuits—as well as the resulting loss of market share and brand damage—the challenges are significant and complex.

Classification and Storage

Records must be stored in such a way that they are accessible and safeguarded against environmental damage. A typical paper document may be stored in a filing cabinet in an office. However, some organisations employ file rooms with specialized environmental controls including temperature and humidity. Vital records may need to be stored in a disaster-resistant safe or vault to protect against fire, flood, earthquakes and conflict.

Certified Destruction

Certified, confidential record destruction is a vital service provided by Business Archives. Proper handling of document destruction is a key component to any strong records management program. Business Archives will provide you with cost-efficient document destruction services while maintaining the needed safety, security, and confidentially of your documents.

Remediation and Migration

Data Remediation, and Migration will identify data errors in your records, including circulation and inventory. This will also identify data issues in regards to compliance. Our staff will prioritize, and distribute remediation work to appropriate staff.

Staffing and Site Managment

Cambridge Services has provided our premier clients with staffing to assist with tasks related to a variety of records and information management projects. Our seasoned records professionals have proven track records and expertise in the industry through working on client site, cambridge offices or having former experience with records management/content vendors.


Cambridge will provide you with industry experts to assure your records management program is
efficient and in compliance with all governmental and industry requirements.