Our approach to corporate responsibility is grounded in shared values. Our values have been a strength of our company for generations. The words have evolved, but the sentiment and meaning have remained constant.

They are:

Put Customers First

  • We focus on our customers’ success
  • We respond to customers quickly
  • We create solutions for tomorrow


  • We work inclusively, treating employees with dignity and respect
  • We work collaboratively with each other and our customers
  • We embrace diverse viewpoints
  • We support our local communities

Be Passionate

  • We act with a sense of urgency
  • We drive for results and celebrate success
  • We accelerate innovation to deliver unique value

Be Accountable

  • We deliver on our promises and commitments
  • We set challenging goals, measure outcomes and reward success

Act with Integrity

  • We care
  • We do the right thing
  • We consider the consequences of our actions.

We promote our values through a variety of internal communications.


We all make ethical decisions every day. Our approach is to provide clear guidance about our expectations as well as practical resources to help employees gear their actions both inside and outside the workplace to reflect the policy and legal guidelines that govern Cambridge Corporate Services. When there is a question about how to proceed, there is always someplace to go for support and assistance.

Code of Conduct Our code of conduct describes and illustrates the ethical and compliance standards expected of our employees, in the way we treat each other, our customers, our business partners and the communities in which we live. 

Training Each year, employees are required to take training on specific company policy, practices and the law covering such topics as records retention, antitrust or anti-corruption. We use a variety of analytical tools to identify areas of risk, and then design programs to mitigate the risks. We offer training through seminars and through other channels for employees who do not have access to a computer.

Advice and reporting channels We encourage employees and their family members to seek advice in dealing with ethical dilemmas and personal crisis intervention to report any suspected wrongdoing. Our Employee Assistance Help Line, operated by a third party 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enables employees to report any personal crisis or wrongdoing anonymously  in which Cambridge Corporate Services does business, without fear of retaliation. All claims of potential violations of law or policy are reviewed and investigated as appropriate. In the event a complaint is verified, appropriate disciplinary action is taken.
Business Practices:
Risk & Business Continuity