Reduce Records Cost

The cost of managing paper and electronic records continues to rise for most companies. Cambridge has the knowledge, technology and experience to manage all your digital scan and capture needs.

Cambridges’ digital scan and capture services are built around your individual needs whether it is cost reduction in storage, federal guidelines or medical mandates.


No more worry about Compliance

Regulatory compliance has become a necessity. By implementing a comprehensive compliance program that safeguards both your physical and electronic records, you prevent unnecessary risk and help control costs in the process, regardless of your business size.

Cambridge Corporate Services provides you with the managerial guidance to ensure compliance is met, legal mandates are successfully followed, and security and privacy risks are controlled.


Drive Business Efficiencies

Now is the time to streamline your business and get growing volumes of paper and electronic records under control. Cambridge Corporate Services provides solutions that are framed around your needs and built upon our proven methodology and use of technology  Together we can go forward in storage, conversion and regulatory policies with tightly kept processes within your business silos.


Customizable Scan and Capture Processes




Records Policy & Procedures

An Information and Records Management program requires making policy statements about the creation, use, maintenance, protection, preservation, and eventual disposition of your records and information.

At Cambridge Corporate Services our regulatory management will lead you step by step in the practices needed to meet all requirement within your industry. Our management will outline roles and responsibilities, ownership of information assets, chain of custody, legal holds, confidential destruction practices, and all necessary functions to meet your need.


Digital Scan and Capture Network

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Speak with our regulatory management team today to get your conversion and records need moving in the right direction.

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