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Ciara Dockery
Owner & CEO
John Dockery
Founder, Former Owner & CEO

The Full Story

A New Chapter:

In October 2024, John Dockery officially retired and his daughter, Ciara Dockery, assumed the role of owner and CEO. The announcement of that transition can be found here. This marks the start of an exciting next chapter for Cambridge, deeply rooted in long-standing values and a storied history.

The History:

Founded in 1988 by John Dockery, Cambridge is a leading outsourcing service provider to an elite group of clients in the banking, finance, insurance, legal and entertainment industries. From back-office support operations to large mail and distributions systems to document conversion and day forward mail scanning to name a few, clients experience a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

Prior to founding Cambridge, John enjoyed a successful professional football career including membership in the NY Jets Super Bowl III team and then went on to a long career as a Sportscaster for NBC, FOX and CBS . Brooklyn born and Harvard educated, John grew Cambridge into the thriving business it is today with the basic premise that it should be a "great place to work" with a "can-do" attitude. In a time, and in an industry, where vendors were often cutting corners to make quick cash, John invested in both his employees and his long-term relationships with clients. Not just because he felt that was the right thing to do, but because it meant the company was founded on a solid reputation (with multiple clients of 20+ years) and employees who wanted to stay and grow with the business (average tenure 11+ years - with 25% of our employees being with us for 20+ years). John made sure his employees were paid a living wage long before that was the law and he provided free monthly metrocards to encourage mass transportation and ease commuting costs. It was gestures like these, including delivering actual turkeys to all employees at thanksgiving, that set Cambridge apart as an employer.


Cambridge has always operated as a family while also ensuring cutting edge and cost-effective solutions for clients. This spirit meant that when other vendors' weren't showing up after 9/11 or Hurricane Sandy or the COVID-19 pandemic, Cambridge employees went above and beyond to deliver for John and their clients. John always felt that you get back what you put in - and that has paid dividends for our clients for decades. In fact, this approach has always been what sets us above the rest - we are flexible, without layers of approvals and management, to get things done in innovative and cost-effective ways. Leaving our clients to do their work without the hassle of day to day back-office operations. This personal aspect of Cambridge has meant that almost all our clients come through referrals and word of mouth. We have no sales department - we never needed it - the work and relationships propelled the business to the success it is today. This boutique, tailored, white-glove approach means you have our CEO's cellphone number and Cambridge is invested in your success, long-term. 


And now, in the spirit of family, we are transitioning to the next generation of Dockery leadership. Ciara Dockery stepped in as owner and CEO in October 2024 following John's retirement. Ciara grew up in the "Cambridge Family," spending summers working in various mailrooms and absorbing the fabric of the business at the dinner table. Ciara attended Harvard University for her B.A and spent most of her pre-Cambridge career in implementing large scale mental health programming. She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a M.A. in Journalism. Ciara understands the Cambridge ethos implicitly and intends to continue the tradition of providing our clients with unparalleled, customizable service while also investing in our Cambridge employees. A main focus for Ciara will be helping clients navigate this changing work environment and pivoting in the ways they need. She is also focused on leveraging technology in an intentional, efficient way to improve best practices across the field. We're excited for the next 3 decades for Cambridge!


If you have any questions, or would just like to hear more, please feel free to reach out below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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