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Staff with Cambridge

Cambridge offers flexible and reliable staffing solutions for office and administrative needs. Our articulate and trained professionals seamlessly integrate into your business environment, embodying your core values and conveying professionalism and efficiency.


With administrative support services, Cambridge ensures your employees can focus on core responsibilities while daily administrative tasks are handled. Committed to excellence, Cambridge's industry-leading staffing benefits and professional management team caters to specific industry requirements, ensuring the right fit for your staffing needs.


Our team will exceed expectations immediately and implement cost-saving measures throughout our tenure, providing comprehensive analysis, pre-determined benchmarks, and ongoing management to ensure long-term success for both employees and clients.


Facilities & Maintenance

Office Concierge

Mailroom & Messengering

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We'd be happy to discuss your specific needs. Everything we do is tailored and customizable. Reach out and let's chat about a solution that works for you. Although we provide staffing services primarily in NYC, we have expanded to multiple states on a case by case basis as requested by our clients. Let's see what you need and start from there.  

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